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LASFA, providing the best uniform design solution at the cheapest price

LASFA provides uniforms for companies, businesses, and schools across the country. With years of industry experience, we have developed deep expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of corporate uniforms. In Ho Chi Minh City, we are now one of the leading suppliers of business uniforms in the region. We take care of everything, from designing your logo and business uniform, sourcing the best fabrics and materials, to manufacturing and delivering within budget and on time. requested goods

1) Provide a full range of design services

We accept the production of uniform designs for companies, schools, businesses and provide uniform samples in accordance with the requirements of customers. This allows customers to visualize what their outfit will look and feel like before placing an order. This is a very important step in our uniform receiving process. In addition, in the case that the customer has already designed a sample by himself, we can accept sewing according to your request and make customizations to improve the quality of the design to make the customer completely satisfied.

2) Provide laser cutting and engraving services for identification brand

In addition to logo printing and embroidery services, we also provide laser engraving and cutting services to identify brands on corporate gift products. We can provide single-color or multi-color engraving, depending on the requirements of the business. The etching inks we use are of the highest quality, adding a touch of luxury to business gifts.

3) Offer a wide selection of fabric quality

At LASFA, we do in-depth research on the requirements of our customers to determine the choice of fabric. In one project, we had to study the corporate environment, the problems employees had with their uniforms in the work environment. From there, the uniform design brings the most comfort and appropriateness to the employees, helping them to wear the uniform voluntarily instead of compulsory. We have solved this problem by designing uniforms using light fabrics and suitable cotton blends that allow the body to move freely, easily wicking away sweat during active activities.

4) Provide high quality materials

We use materials that are durable, washable and washable. These materials include polyester, acrylic, cotton, elastane, and viscose. In some cases, these fabrics are blended together to ensure uniform softness and durability under frequent washing. Using a variety of stitching techniques from modern cross stitch to buckle stitch, our clothes are manufactured with high stitch density for durability. LASFA manufacturers also regularly provide full fabric test reports, washing instructions and color fastness tests to ensure the highest quality uniforms are provided to customers. In addition, we also regularly look for sustainable and recyclable sources of materials to produce uniforms.

5) Ability to tackle complex projects

With many years of experience in the field of providing business uniforms, LASFA is capable of providing large orders with strict quality requirements in the shortest time. Accompanying that is a nationwide fast delivery service and product return and warranty policies that make customers completely satisfied.

Therefore, when choosing LASFA, customers are completely assured of product quality and delivery schedule.

6) Provide tailoring service on request

LASFA can send staff to the place to measure uniforms for businesses and schools. We work according to the needs of the customer, so we can arrange the most convenient measurement time for the customer, be it during business hours, or after business hours, or on weekends. Once we have each employee's measurements, we can package individual clothing items with each employee's details. After that, businesses can pick up uniforms directly at the factory or through our retail stores, or we can arrange for uniforms to be delivered to the company or business. Our team has many years of experience and knows how to best communicate with customers to ensure an efficient and smooth process. If you are in need of ordering uniforms for companies, businesses, schools, please contact us immediately to arrange a completely free consultation. We can discuss some of the projects we have done and show you the quality of our uniforms.